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    Our goal here at dealersdesk.com is to provide you with the level of Customer Service your clients expect from you. Our Company is successful only because of the clients that use our product. Therefore we strive to keep you completely satisfied with your product whether by answering any questions you may have or by resolving any issues in a timely manner..

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    dealersdesk.com is committed to helping all of our clients learn how to use our line of applications. This allows for our clients or customers to be as efficient as possible. When you have an application that does all that ours does, it is hard to know exactly how to utilize all the features, therefore education is essential to ensure you get the most out of your investment.


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Repairs and maintenance can account for nearly 50% of a computer dealer’s business transactions. Keeping track of these calls is an important task that can easily become a difficult one. A good organizational system is vital tostaying on top of computer repair services and keeping customers satisfied. A computer dealer that isn’t organized is one that probably doesn’t have many customers. Dealersdesk.com is the solution.

Dealersdesk.com is a Software as a Service (Saas) designed specifically to resolve the problem of organization by helpingcomputer dealers to keep track of their clients repair and maintenance calls. The software tracks the progress of a service call, itemizes the services performed and creates detailed invoices, which all lead to better, faster and stronger customer service. With this affordable software, computer dealers spend less time organizing paperwork and more time helping their customers.

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dealersdesk is a cloud-based field service management application for service professionals to automate their workflows. This solution includes a Web portal and serves a wide range of industries, such as cleaning, plumbing, electrical and more.

dealersdesk allows companies to forego paperwork in favor of digital automation. It offers features such as job scheduling, dispatching, payment processing, estimates, automated receipts and invoices.